More Humor

Arwen – Not strictly a humor site, but it’s got some funny stuff.

Figwit Lives! – A fansite dedicated to Figwit. Some say he can’t talk. Others say he simply chooses not to. Some think he looks like a horse. Others have impeccable taste. He is…Figwit.

Lord of the Peeps – Lord of the Rings, starring Peeps! Come with us on a quest to defeat darkness, to save the world from the menace of unsleeping evil.

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page – This site has some great stuff for a laugh.

Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship by Cassie Claire – These have become LOTR fandom legend. Cassandra Clare–at the time of writing these, just a simple blogger–is now a very well-known author. Definitely check out her books.

Tolkien Fandom

The Council of Elrond – Large site with everything from a fanart and fanfic section to Middle Earth recipes to humor. Here you can find just about anything Tolkien-related you might be looking for.

Ian Mckellen’s E-posts – The site Sir Ian McKellen used during the filming of the movies to answer questions from fans. It is no longer updated but fun to have a look at.

Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site – Lord of the Rings site for and by Tolkien fanatics: guided tours of Middle-Earth, 111-question-quiz, art collections, creative and product specials, sound clips, merchandise shop, timelines, a forum, community and much more…

Other Tolkien Things

Ardalambion – A site about Tolkiens languages, from Quenya to the Black Speech.