Parodies and More

The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship of the Ring – by Cassandra Claire

The Urukhai Instruction Manual for Raiding and Pillaging – by UrukhaiRaider

Parodies by Whistler
Whistler is an incredibly talented and funny person who’s written some absolutely hilarious stuff, definitely worth a read.

When Doyle meets Tolkien – by Ojevind Lang
A cross between Sherlock Holmes and Tolkien, only funny if you’ve read Sherlock Holmes. These are really quite clever and very funny.

Friends Reunited at Isengard – by Legolas_son_of_Thranduil
A parody of the scene in ROTK where Gandalf and company arrive at Isengard to find Merry and Pippin sitting on the ruins smoking. Very clever. (winner of the parody contest at

Bagenders by Lady Alyssa and Random Dent
(not family friendly) “And it came to pass that the fellowship were granted immortality for they had saved middle earth; and so they went their separate ways…
But some fellowships were not meant to be broken…
History has become legend; legend has become myth and myth has become merchandising: A three-bedroom semi in a town in the north of England, 2001.”

Stories With the Fellowship – FOTR – by iluvviggo
FOTR as told by Elrond, with random interruptions by the rest of the fellowship.

The Middle Earth Tattler – by Collinsmom
Middle Earth’s own Tabloid. Read for all the lastest gossip on our favorite heroes. Mithrandir Arrested!? Bombadil Busted!? Party at Elrond’s!?

Legolas’s Inbox – by Maroozer
Taken straight from the laptop of the elf himself. A candid look at what went on behind the scenes.

Interviews with the Characters – by Mr Fantasimile
Get the character’s perspectives on the upcoming films!

LOTR Inspired Song Parodies
The title says it all…

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Middle Earth style…

The Silmarillion in 1000 Words – by Camwyn
An oddly accurate condensed version of the Silmarillion. Read more of Camwyn’s stuff here.

Frodo’s Directions to Mordor

Middle Earth Answering Machines
So, when you call Sauron what’s his answering machine message? You can now find out! – contributed to by several different people from various sites.

LOTR – by Different Directors
Ever wonder what LOTR would have been like if it had a different director?

LOTR Trivia
A collection of lots of cool, random, and useless information about the LOTR films.