While these parodies aren’t family friendly, I do remembering finding them very entertaining when I first read them about ten years ago. I hope they’ll bring others the same level of entertainment.


Bagenders by Lady Alyssa and Random Dent

And it came to pass that the fellowship were granted immortality for they had saved middle earth; and so they went their separate ways…

But some fellowships were not meant to be broken…

History has become legend; legend has become myth and myth has become merchandising: A three-bedroom semi in a town in the north of England, 2001.

Drawing by VB
Drawing by VB

Series 1 – The First Adventures

These were some of the first pieces of fanfiction that either of us wrote. It was very much a learning experience for us. Basically, the first three episodes are on the sucky side. It gets better, promise. Or you can just skip to episode 4.

Episode 1: The Long-Awaited Psychotic Episode
An introduction to the series. The Fellowship have been made immortal and are living together in the house-share from Hell.

Episode 2: The Shadow of the Past
Aragorn has a bad day. A very bad day.

Episode 3: Celeborn’s Company
Celeborn invites himself to stay.

Episode 4: A Shortcut to Whitby
The fellowship attempt to go on a day trip to the seaside.

Episode 5: A Conspiracy Unmasked
Legolas starts a conspiracy against Gandalf.

Episode 6: The Silver Forest
Gandalf meets an old friend.

Episode 7: At Home With Boromir
Boromir is back!

Episode 8: Fog over the Job Centre
Gimli finds himself unemployed.

Episode 9: And The Sign Said: Center Parcs
The Fellowship go on holiday together.

Episode 10: Strider: Scoutmaster
In an attempt to become more respectable, Aragorn joins the Scouting Association.

Episode 11: A Bus in the Park
Gandalf is involved in an accident.

Episode 12: Flight to the Ford Fiesta
Members of the Fellowship decide to acquire independent means of trainsport

Episode 13: Many Meetings
Legolas bumps into some old friends on the train.

Episode 14: The Karaoke of Elrond
The party to end all parties.

Episode 15: The Fellowship Goes West
Pippin’s Porn collection reaches critical mass.

Season 2 – The Long Awaited Sequel

Episode 1: University Challenge in the Dark
Jeremy Paxman thought he was afraid of no man. Then he met the Fellowship.

Episode 2: The Fallout Shelter of Impending Doom
Aragorn decides that nuclear armageddon is upon them.

The ‘Bagenders’ Christmas Special
Legolas does some serious thinking about his life.

The ‘Bagenders’ Tribute to Tolkien’s Eleventy First Birthday
Taking a leaf out of George Lucas’ book (a short one with big pictures), Bagenders goes prequel! And we mean really prequel, like 3500 years before the first episode. When we say prequel, we mean really ‘pre’.

Episode 3: The Dream Fridge
Supernatural happenings, mental breakdowns and stilton. Mostly unconnected to one another.

Episode 4: Mirror of Modernity
Boromir attempts to adjust to the Modern World. Boromir fails.

Episode 5: Farewell to Sanity
Aragorn tries to get his Ranger skills back.

Episode 6: The Great Trip
Parts of the Fellowship need to get out more.

Episode 7: The Breaking of the Chair
24 Hours in the Fellowship house.

Season 3

Episode 1: The Arrival of Glorfindel
Intrigue, deceit and Huddersfield train station.

Episode 2: The Drivers of Amsterdam
They’re all going on an Autumnal holiday.

Christmas Special 2003: The Mince Pies
It’s Christmas, and this year they’ve got visitors. Gritty Northern Drama ensues.

The Taming of the Loft
An expedition into the loft uncovers lost treasures and leads to violence.

Pointless Historical Episode: The Anglo-Hobbit Chronicle
King Alfred is having trouble with Vikings, rampaging hobbits and Arwen.