See the Ring, the Ring is Bad – 3

by Legolas son of Thranduil of

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Part Three

See Gandalf. What do you look at, Gandalf?

“I look at the floor. I look at the ring. The ring is on the floor. The Ring is Bilbo’s pal. I will pick it up.”

See Gandalf touch the ring.

Oh! He sees a thing! The thing is bad. The thing is evil. It is a big eye. The eye is red. The eye is made of fire. It stares. It talks. What do you say, Eye?

“Boo, boo. I am bad. I like to stare. It is bad to stare. That is why I am bad. Boo, boo, you silly wizard! I scare you, you silly old man!”

See Gandalf. He hops. He is scared. Do his pants get wet? No, silly! His name is not Pippin!

“I will not touch that ring. It scares me. It makes me see imaginary things. I do not like those imaginary things. I only like imaginary pals. Pals are fun, but red eyes who stare are not fun. I will go. I will go and think. Thinking is fun. I like to think.”

He goes. He sits in a couch. He thinks. What do you think about, Gandalf?

“I think about the ring. I think about things Bilbo said. I think about Gollum. I think of the ring again. I think about the bet with Elrond. Who will win? I think about my cart. The cart has a loose wheel. I will have to fix it. I think about the rat that is flat. Funny, funny! I think about Bilbo’s cake. He did not eat it. I will nap it and eat it. I think about fish in Galadriel’s pool. She does not know I ate them all! I think about….”

Gandalf has a lot to think about. Let’s let him think.

See Frodo. He comes in the door. What is it Frodo?

“I look for Bilbo. Bilbo napped my favorite button. It was in his pocket. I want it. I want the button.”

Oh, look! Frodo finds a thing. The thing is on the floor. The thing is the ring.

“Look! Look what I find! I find the Ring. It is Bilbo’s pal. Now it is my pal. A ring is better than an old button. And I don’t need that button. I still have my belly button.”

Frodo thinks. A thing is wrong. Bilbo would not drop his pal. He would have a fit. He would hit the one who found it. See Frodo frown. What is wrong Frodo?

“Bilbo is gone. That is not good. That is bad. I am not glad. He said he would go. I thought he fibbed. Did he go Gandalf? Do you hear me, Gandalf? What are you thinking Gandalf?”

Oh, oh! Frodo should not ask Gandalf what he thinks! Then Gandalf will talk and talk. Then Gandalf will not shut up.

“Oh, hello Frodo,” says Gandalf. “I think about many, many things. I think of a den. Big bad wolves live in the den. I think of my lucky green hat. It is not lucky now. It is gone. My cart ran over it. I think of the fountain in Rivendell. Elrond does not know why there are lots and lots of bubbles in it. He does not know I put dish soap in it. I think of when I was late to the council. I missed the silly yellow cab. I think of elves. They are leaving. I think of orcs. They are bad and do not bathe. I think of a big hog. Now there is no big hog. I ate it. I think of the jar of jam in the cellar. There is a lid on it. The lid is stuck.”

See Frodo. He is getting cross.

“Gandalf, Gandalf! Listen to me! Do you hear me?” asks Frodo. “I want to say things!”

“I think of more things,” says Gandalf. “I think of Minas Tirith. Minas Tirith is a big city. I drew on the city walls. I think of darkness in the south. It spreads. I think of Tom’s garden. It is in the Old Forest. I think of the grass. It needs trimming. I think of evil things like Sauron, orcs, rings, and war. I think of crackers. Crackers have no taste. I think of dwarves. I think of balrogs. Do balrogs have wings, Frodo?”

“Listen Gandalf!” says Frodo. “I do not talk of walls. I do not talk of grass. I do not talk of balrogs. What are balrogs? I do not talk of crackers. I talk of Bilbo. I talk of his pal, Ring! See how it shines in my hand.”

“I think of a loose rock on a hill I almost slpped on. I think of old shoes. My shoes are old. I need new ones,” says Gandalf. “I think of…didi you say Bilbo? Did you say Ring? Why, look Frodo! Look, Frodo, look! See your hand! You hold Bilbo’s ring! Did you know that?”

Frodo is very cross. He does not talk. He will have a fit.

“Bilbo is gone,” says Gandalf. “He goes to Rivendell. He goes to the elves. I made a bet with my pal Elrond. If Bilbo gets to Rivendell, my pal will win. If Bilbo does not get there, or if he gets to Rivendell in a bodybag, it means he is dead. It means I win the bet. Bilbo is a good pal. He gives you all his things. He even gives you his ring pal. Now the ring is yours. Yours, yours, yours.”

See Frodo. He is puzzled. Why are you puzzled Frodo?

“I am sad. Bilbo is gone. He did not say bye. He did not give back my button. But I am puzzled. He gives me his best pal, Ring.”

See Gandalf. He holds an envelope. Frodo tosses the ring in. Toss, Frodo, toss!

“I hate envelopes!” says One Ring. “I am clostrophobic! I hate to be in the dark! let me out! I want my pal! I want Sauron to read me a naptime tale! Let me out you silly wizard and hobbit!”

See Gandalf seal the envelope. He seals it with wax.

“I do not like to lick envelopes,” says Gandalf. “They taste bad and you can not eat them. I tried once. The envelope got stuck in my throat. I almost choked. Oh, Frodo, do not take care of the ring. Do not take it for walks. Do not play with it. Bilbo said so. Put it in a safe place and leave it.”

“That is not fun. What a boring ring. What a boring pal,” says Frodo. “That is not fun at all!”

See Gandalf. He gets his hat. He gets his magic staff. He goes to the door. Where are you going Gandalf?

“Where are you going?” asks Frodo.

“I have to go. I have things to do. I have things to check.”

“What kind of things?” asks Frodo.

“It’s a secret,” says Gandalf. “I have questions. I need answers. I will go to Minas Tirith. Minas Tirith has answers. Minas Tirith has good food. I like to draw on the city walls when noone sees.”

Frodo is not glad. Why are you sad, Frodo?

“I am sad because I lose three pals. One goes to see elves, one goes to find answers and draw on walls, and one hides in a dusty envelope. Why do you go Gandalf? You just got here.”

“I go because I have a plan. I will nap Bilbo’s cake. I do not want anyone to know. So I have to go. I am puzzled too.”

The wizard goes out the door.

“Frodo, keep your pal hidden. Ring is a secret. Ring should stay a secret. Do not tell anyone or you will be sorry. I will have a fit and I will hit you. You will pay!”

He goes away. Frodo is still there. What is it Frodo?

“I do not like to be fifty years old. It is no fun. I have to clean and can not have fun. The only fun is to mop the floors. Mop, mop, mop. I want to look for fun. I am mad. I will go take a nap.”

See the land. The land is dark. The land is evil. The land is Mordor, One Ring’s home. There is a tower. It has a name. Barad-dur is the name. It is Sauron’s tower. Sauron is back.

Hear the sound. It is a voice. The voice yells. The voice screams.

“Shire is the land!” screams the voice. “Baggins is the name! Let me go! You orcs smell bad! I do not like to faint! Now give me a treat! Give me pudding!”

See the gate. The gate opens. Who comes out of the gate?

It is nine black horses. Nine people with black cloaks and black hoods ride on the black horses. They have black swords. The horses have black saddles. Black, black, black.

Who are you, you silly, silly riders?

“Boo, boo,” they say. “We are the Black riders. We are scary. We like to eat chips and jam. We wear black clothes. Can you guess why we are called black?”

Go, you silly Black riders. Go scare someone, you naughty riders.

“Where is the corner store?” asks one Rider.

“Around the corner, silly!” says another Rider.

“Before we go scare, we should eat. Let’s go buy chips and jam at the corner store. We need money. Does anyone have money?”

“No,” they say, “no, we do not have money. We can take the chips and jam. We can put the charge on Sauron’s tab. He will pay for the chips and jam.”

See them ride to the corner store. Ride, Riders, ride!


See a man ride. He rides to Minas Tirith. What is your name, you silly man?

“I am not a man. I am a wizard and my name is Dumbledore. Oh! That is wrong! That is the wrong script!”

See him take out a new script. Is that the right script, wizard?

“Yes. It is the right one. I am a wizard and my name is Gandalf.”

See the big hills. They are far, so they look small. One spits fire. Could it be Mount Doom? Perhaps.

Gandalf looks glum. What is it Gandalf? What is wrong?

“This is bad. The hill spits fire. The hill is cross. I must hurry. Hurry, hurry, hurry!”

See him ride. Ride, Gandalf, ride!

He gets to a wall. The wall is big. The wall is tall. There is a big gate on the wall. This is Minas Tirith. Gandalf stops.

“Open up!” he says. “Open up! I need the bathroom! Hurry, hurry!”

A guard looks down. He talks.

“Who are you, you silly old man? Why do you come? I will not let you in. Look! Look there! There are some bushes there. Bushes make good bathrooms.”

“Let me in now,” says Gandalf, “or I will have a big fit! I am a wizard! I am Gandalf! Let me in now!”

“Do you have a present for me?” asks the guard.

“No,” says Gandalf. “Well yes. You can have cake. I will give you Bilbo’s cake.”

“Oh goody!” says the guard. “I like cake. You are my pal. Who is Bilbo? He is my pal too.”

The gate opens. See Gandalf give the cake away. Poor, poor Gandalf! See how he cries. He goes into Minas Tirith. See a new guard come. What is it, you silly guard?

“You are here Gandalf. Good. That is good news. But there is bad news. There is a thing that is not right. When you were here, a bad thing happened. Someone drew on the city walls. That is very bad.”

See Gandalf. He has a silly smile on his face.

“Gandalf,” says the guard, “we need help. We need a guard. We need a guard to guard the walls so noone draws. Can you be the guard, Gandalf?”

See Gandalf. He smiles with glee.

“Why yes!” he says. “Yes! I will guard the walls so noone draws. What a fun job. I want the job!”

The guard is glad.

“You are hired,” he says.

The guard leaves. Gandalf walks. He walks here, he walks there. He walks everywhere. He thinks. What are you thinking, Gandalf?

Oh! Oh, oh, oh! That is a bad thing to ask of Gandalf!

“I think of things,” he says. “I think of things I will draw on the wall. What a fun job! I am a lucky wizard! I like to draw on the city walls! I think of why I came. I think of Bilbo’s lost cake. I think of the good food in this city. I think of the many books I have to read here. I think of socks. Some socks have holes. I think of the tale of One Ring. I must find it in the books. I think of the red Eye. The Eye likes to spy. I think of dogs. Some dogs bark. I think of the fire on the hills. That is bad. I think of my pal Aragorn. I napped his pipe. He will be cross. I think of dirt. The ground is made of dirt. I think of elves. Elves have pointy ears. I think of bread. Bread is not red. I think of bathrooms. Oh! Oh! Oh! I have to go bad!”

See him run. Run, Gandalf, run! That is good news. Now he does not talk. Now he shuts up. Now there is peace and quiet.

Look at the sky. It gets dark. Gandalf is glad. Why are you glad, Gandalf?

“It is time,” he says in a stern voice. “It is time to draw on the city walls.”

He draws and draws and draws. The wall is almost covered. Gandalf has been busy. He draws many things. He draws a flat rat. Under he writes: “Funny, funny!” He draws a pool of fish. Under he writes: “Yummy.” He draws One Ring with red writing. Under he writes: “Guess who.” He draws a tombstone. On it he writes: “R.I.P Bilbo’s cake.” But there is a very big drawing. It is in the middle of the wall. The wall faces Mordor. The wall faces Mount Doom. The drawing is not good. It is a big eye. The eye is red. Under the eye he writes: “Boo, boo. I am bad. I like to spy. I can see you!”

Gandalf laughs as he draws the eye.

“Ha, ha,” he says. “What a funny joke. This drawing will scare the people. It will scare them silly!”

Day comes. The guards come. They see the walls. Their eyes are wide. They see the eye. They scream loudly.

One asks Gandalf, “Did you see, Gandalf? Did you see who drew on the walls?”

“I saw noone come,” says Gandalf. “I was the only one here. I thought I was a good guard. That is not true.”

See him act glum. That naughty, sneaky wizard! He sneaks away from the city wall. Now he goes to another place. Where are you going, you naughty wizard?

“I go to do what I came for. I go to eat the good food. Then I will look for a book.”

Gandalf is in a room with books. He has a mug of tea.

“Tea is a good drink. It makes me glad. I like tea,” he says.

He eats a snack as he reads. What do you eat, Gandalf? What is your snack?

“I eat smarties. I eat chocolate frogs. I like healthy food.”

He reads and reads. He looks for the tale of the ring. He looks and looks. He looks for this tale for a long time. He needs to find it.

“I found it!” he says loudly and gladly.

What is it? What did you find?

“I found the chocolate frog that hopped away!”

He reads on and he eats.

“I found the tale I look for! It is Isildur’s tale of the One Ring.”

Read it to us Gandalf! we want to hear it too!

“Yes,” says Gandalf. “I will read it. It says:

It is not First Age. It is Second Age. The year is 3434. What a silly year. The numbers match! How silly! The tale begins about Isildur. His dad is dead so he is king. He is the High King of Gondor. One king to rule them all. The tale is of how One Ring was found.

It came to me. Why do you ask what? The One Ring is what came to me, silly! It is a present for my kingdom.

One king to rule them all
With One Ring, his pal
One king to play jokes on all
And make their lives like hell.

What a funny rhyme I made. Funny, funny, funny.

All of my family will tied to the ring by a string made of fate. It shall stay my pal, and the pal of my sons and their sons.

I will not hurt poor pal. I love my precious pal. But my pal is naughty. It hurts me. Do not ask why because I do not know. It’s a secret. But I don’t care of the pain. The pain is my pal too. See the red writing on it.

Oh! It fades! That naughty writing. Ha, ha, you silly writing. I can make you red again. It’s a secret. I like red. You toss the ring in fire. But not the fire of Mount Doom. Just plain old fire.

That is the secret. That is the tale. Did you like the tale? I did because I wrote it.

“That is the tale,” says Gandalf. I have a feeling. It is bad. It is like having gum in your beard. Frodo is in trouble. I will go fast!”

Gandalf leaves Minas Tirith. He goes very, very fast.

See the sky. It is dark. See the hobbit. he cuts wood. See the dog. He chews on a bug.

Oh! Look there! A Black Rider comes!

See the dog go in the hobbit house. Why do you go, you silly dog?

“I go because the hobbit does not look,” says the dog. “He does not see me go in. Now I can eat all his food and chew on the table.”

The Black Rider is here. Hear him talk. What do you say, you silly rider?

“I talk to the hobbit, not you!” says the Rider. “Do you live here, hobbit?”

“Why yes,” says the hobbit, “yes I live here.”

“I need help,” says the Black Rider. “I am lost. I do not know the way. Can you help me? I go to visit my hobbit pal. But I am very lost. Do you know the land Baggins? Do you know the hobbit called Shire?”

“No,” says the hobbit scratching his head, “I do not know the land Baggins. I do not know the hobbit Shire. You are lost indeed.”

The Black Rider thinks. He is confused.

“Okay,” he says. “I will not visit my pal Shire. I will visit another hobbit pal. Do you know the land Shire? Do you know the hobbit Baggins?”

“Yes, silly!” says the hobbit. “You are silly. You are blind. You are deaf. You are dumb. Look. Look around. You are in the Shire. You are very silly indeed, not to know! The hobbit Baggins lives in the town Hobbiton. How dumb you are, not knowing where your pal lives!”

See the Rider. You can not see his face, but he is very cross.

“You naughty hobbit! Do not call me names! Do not mock me! Yes I am silly! Yes I am blind! But I am not deaf! I can hear you mock me! You should wish I am deaf so I don’t hear you!”

See the Black Rider chase the hobbit. He chases the hobbit around the house.

“I will catch you, you bad hobbit! I will make you play rugby with my pals and me!”

“Oh, fun, fun!” says the hobbit with glee. “I like to play rugby! It is a fun game!”

“It will not be fun for you, hobbit,” says the Rider. “You will be the ball! Rugby is not so fun when you are the ball!”

See the hobbit run. He runs into his house and locks the door.

“You bad hobbit!” says the Black rider in a cross voice. “I hope your foot hair falls off! I hope a tree grows at your door! Then you can not get out!”

He is very, very cross. See him ride away. He rides to Hobbiton. He goes to find the silly hobbit named Baggins. He goes to see if there is a shop that sells chips and jam.

The sky is still dark. See the inn. Many hobbits are there. But now they leave.

Look! Here comes Frodo. Here comes his pal Sam. Where are you going silly hobbits?

“We go home,” says Frodo. “We have talked and drank and sung. The innkeeper is not good. He is bad. He called the cops. How silly! Why should he call the cops?”

“But Frodo. We were naughty,” says Sam in a very drunk voice. “We were naughty hobbits.”

What did you do, you naughty hobbits?

“We did nothing,” says Frodo. “That is all. Doing nothing is not naughty at all.”

“Frodo is right,” says Sam in his drunk voice. “We did nothing bad. We tossed cups. We tossed chairs. We tossed tables. We even tossed some hobbits. We tossed the innkeeper. We tossed him out the window. Now the inn looks bad. It is a mess inside. But that is not naughty. That is just fun.”

See Frodo’s house. Frodo goes to his house.

“By Sam,” says Frodo. “Remember Sam. Remember what to say to the cops. Say that a big man with a red beard made the mess.”

Frodo goes in his house. He looks here. He looks there. Oh! What a big mess! Was a robber in the house?

Frodo does not talk. He is cross.

Oh,oh,oh! A hand comes! The hand grabs Frodo! Look out Frodo! Whose hand can it be? Is it a monster?

Look! It is not a monster at all. It is Gandalf! It is a cross Gandalf.

“Frodo,” says Gandalf, “I got you! You can not get away! Did you do as I said? Did you keep your ring pal a secret? Is it still safe in an envelope?”

“Yes,” says Frodo. “Yes it is a safe secret.”

Now Gandalf is not cross. He is glad. But oh! There is a sound. It is a growl.

“Listen!” says Frodo. “Hear the growl! Oh! Is it a wolf? Is it a big bear? Is it the angry innkeeper?”

“No, silly!” laughs Gandalf. “It is none of those things. It is my stomach. It is cross. It wants food. Go get me food Frodo. Oh, get the ring too.”

See Frodo run to get food. Run, Frodo, run! Why are you running, Frodo?

“I run because I am not safe. It is not good to be in one room with a hungrey cross wizard!”

Frodo comes back. He holds food. He holds the ring in the envelope. See Gandalf grab the food. You are lucky Frodo! You are lucky you still have your arm!

Gandalf is done. He is done eating. He grabs the envelope. See him toss it in the fire.

“Gandalf!” says Frodo. “You naughty wizard! That is my pal! He does not like fire! He told me so!”

“You silly hobbit,” says Gandalf. “If it is a strong ring, it will be safe. It will live.”

“What if it is not strong?” asks Frodo.

“Then itl melts, you silly hobbit! Then your pal is gone.”

They wait. They wait and see. They watch the fire. Gandalf laughs. Why do you laugh Gandalf?

“I thought of a joke. It is funny,” he says. “Why didn’t the rat cross the road?”

“I don’t know,” says Frodo. “I do not know the answer.”

“I do,” says Gandalf. “It is: Because my cart ran over him before he got to the other side.”

“Was the rat happy or sad?” asks Frodo.

“He was not happy,” says Gandalf. “He is not sad. He is just very flat!”

Oh look! Look and see! The envelope is gone, but the ring is there! The ring did not melt!

Look at Gandalf. He takes the ring out of the fire. He takes it out with a tong.

“Hold out your hand Frodo,” says Gandalf. “Hold it out so I can put the ring in your hand. I do not want to put it in my hand. I do not want a big bad burn.”

“But Gandalf! Gandalf!” says Frodo. “I do not want it in my hand! I do not want a burn from that silly hot ring! I do not like burns! Do you like burns Gandalf?”

“I do not like burns at all, you silly little hobbit! Now hold out your hand.”

See Frodo. He puts his hands behind his back. See Gandalf. He grabs Frodo’s hand. He tosses the ring in Frodo’s hand. Hear Frodo scream loud. But now he does not scream. His face looks puzzled. Why are you puzzled Frodo?

“I am puzzled because the ring is not hot,” says Frodo. “It is quite cool. That is wierd. That is wierder than a llama hitting a black puck with a stick with a curve. It did not melt. Did you know that Gandalf?”

“Of course I know!” says Gandalf. “Rings do not melt. Ice can melt. Candy can melt. Chocolate can melt. Do you see the stain on my beard Frodo? The stain is melted chocolate. Rings do not melt. They are not turkeys from the freezer waiting to thaw. They only melt if there is very hot fire. They do not melt in cold fire.”

“Maybe my fire is cold,” says Frodo. “Maybe that is why the ring did not melt. If the fire is cold, can I touch it?”

Gandalf thinks. It is not good to ask him what he thinks.

“Maybe you should not touch the fire. It would be fun. It would be fun to see you hop and yell and hold your hurting hand. But that is not good. That is like making a pal sit on a very spiky chair. That is like putting splinters in a pal’s glove. It is not good. I will not tell you to touch the fire. Look at the ring. Do you see anything?”

“Yes silly!” says Frodo. “I see the ring. When I look at the ring, I see a ring. I see that I did not wash my hand. There is honey on it. There is alfalfa stuck on the honey. That is my lunch I see. What did you eat for lunch Gandalf?”

“I ate nothing. I ate just…do not ask me silly questions!” says Gandalf. “Is anything on the ring?”

“I see nothing. I see the gold. But that is all,” says Frodo. “There is nothing.”

See Gandalf. He thinks. Why do you think Gandalf?

“I think because I don’t know,” says Gandalf. “There is nothing on the ring. That means I am wrong. This ring is not One Ring. I think of where One Ring could be. Where are you silly ring? I think of bouncy balls. They are bouncy. I think of ents. They are made of wood. I think of….”

“Gandalf! Gandalf!” says Frodo. “There is a thing! The thing is writing on the ring! The writing is red. It looks mean. It is elf writing. I can read elf writing but I can not read the words on the ring. What are the words, Gandalf?”

“The words are Mordor words.”

“Gandalf! Gandalf!” says Frodo. “Mordor rhymes with Frodo! Did you know?”

“Yes I know!” says Gandalf. “I know all things. I am bright. I am wise. I am one spiffy wizard.”

Gandalf is proud. He is too proud. Stop Gandalf. Stop being proud. Can you read the words? Can you read the words on the ring?

“I can read the words,” says Gandalf. “The words are in Black Speech. Not White Speech, or Yellow Speech, or Pink Polka-dot Speech. Just plain Black Speech. I will not say the words in Black Speech because they taste bad and they are mean.”

“I do not know Black Speech,” says Frodo. “I would not know the words.”

“These are the words. The words are on the outside:

‘I am One Ring. I am lucky because I rule all. I am One Ring. I look and find. I am One Ring. I can bring things. I can put things together like lego. I can put the things together in the dark with no lamps turned on.’

But look! Inside there are more words! The words say:

“Made in Mordor” and “Made of 100% recycled materials” and “DO NOT EAT.” Those are the words. Those were all the words. Do you like the words, Frodo?”

“Oh yes!” says Frodo. “I like the words. The words are from Mordor. Mordor rhymes with Frodo. Gandalf, this is a ring. But it is not a plain ring. It is not the same. Why is it not the same?”

“This is the One Ring,” says Gandalf. “It is a King Ring. It rules other rings.”

We know this. We know this story. Why do you tell us again, you silly wizard?

“I tell because some don’t know. Frodo is not bright. He is not wise. He is dumb. He does not know things. This is a thing he does not know.”

“I know some things!” says Frodo. “I am not dumb. I know the floor is hard. I know my feet smell bad. I know of balrogs. What are balrogs, Gandalf? Do they have wings?”

“You are silly,” says the ring. “You are very silly. You do not know things. You can not count. You can not count your toes.”

See Frodo. See his face. He frowns. He is cross.

“I can count my toes!” he says. “I have six!”

“I will tell you a tale, Frodo,” says Gandalf. “It is of One Ring. It is very long. Do you want to hear it? Do you want to hear the long tale?”

“Yes, yes!” says Frodo. “I like long tales!”

Gandalf smiles. See the smile. It is a silly smile. “Are you ready?” asks Gandalf. “Listen well. It is very long. Here it is:

There is a ring. It is One Ring. The End.”

See Frodo. See how he naps. The tale was short. But it was long enough to make Frodo take a nap. Gandalf sees Frodo.

“Good, good!” says Gandalf. “I like to be the alarm clock!”

See his hands. He puts his palms to his mouth. He blows hard. He makes a loud sound. The sound is very loud. The sound is very rude.

“Ha, ha,” One Ring laughs. “What a funny sound!”

See Frodo. He jumps up. His eyes are open. They are open wide. He looks scared.

He sees Gandalf. Gandalf laughs. Now Frodo is very cross. But Gandalf talks so Frodo can not talk.

“Here is the real tale,” Gandalf says. “One Ring was made in Mount Doom. Mount Doom is in Mordor. Mordor is Sauron’s home. Sauron is a Dark Lord. He made One Ring. One Ring was his best pal. But there was a man. The man took One Ring.”

“One Ring was Bilbo’s pal,” says Frodo. “Bilbo found One Ring. He did not find it in a pot. He did not find it on a table. He did not find it in a big box. He found One Ring in a cave. The cave was Gollum’s”

“Yes Frodo,” says Gandalf. “I know those things. Bilbo had the ring for long. Not nine years. Not twenty-three years. He had it for sixty years. The ring did not talk…”

“I did talk!” says the ring. “I talked to Bilbo. I talked of many things!”

“When Bilbo had the ring,” says Gandalf, “the ring did not talk a lot. Bilbo got old. He did not die. He did not look old. One Ring did this. But now a thing happens. Evil stirs. It does not stir in a big black pot. It just stirs. It stirs in Mordor. Rings do not have ears. But One Ring listens. It hears. It hears it’s pal. The pal is calling. Now the ring does not nap.”

End part 3